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April 2017 Australian Biochemist Table of Contents


2 New Competition
3 Editorial – Chu Kong-Liew
4 Showcase on Research
Guest Editorial – Donna Geddes (University of Western Australia)
5 Article 1: Appetite Control Hormones in Human Milk – What is Their Role  – Zoya Gridneva and Donna Geddes (University of Western Australia)
9 Article 2: Cells in Human Milk – What Do They Tell Us – Alecia-Jane Twigger and Peter Hartmann (University of Western Australia)
13 Article 3: Human Milk Bioactivity: Lessons from the Evolution of Lactation – Julie Sharp, Ashalyn Watt, Christophe Lefevre and Kevin Nicholas (Deakin University, Monash University, Walter and Eliza Hall Medical Research Institute, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and University of Melbourne)
19 Article 4: Pesticides in Human Milk: Should We Be Concerned? – Melvin Gay, Robert Trengove and Donna Geddes (University of Western Australia and Murdoch University)
24 2017 Medallist and Awardee Profiles
The Lemberg Medal – John Mattick
The Merck Research Medal – Lars Ittner
The Shimadzu Education Award – Heather Verkade
The Beckman Coulter Discovery Science Award – Mike Lawrence
  The Eppendorf Edman Award – Natalie Spillman
The Boomerang Award – Yan Yan Yip
ASBMB Fellowship Profiles – Samuel Robinson (Fred Collins Award), Georgia Atkin-Smith, Stephanie Begg and Yilin Kang
Publishing Your First First-author Paper – Tatiana Soares da Costa
32 Australia Day Honours for ASBMB Members – David Vaux and Richard Harvey
33 Great Expectations
Communicating the Message – Rebecca Lew (ProScribe)
36 Election of Council 2018 Notice
37 Sydney Protein Group SIG Profile – Liza Cubeddu
38 Metabolism and Molecular Medicine SIG Profile – Nigel Turner and Sean McGee
39 Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria Science Talent Search – Erinna Lee
40 So I Filed a Provisional Patent Application – What Next? – Sarah Hennebry (FPA Patent Attorneys)
43 2015 LabGear Australia Discovery Science Award Report – Paul Gleeson
44 FAOBMB Annual Conference Held in the Philippines – Paul Gleeson
46 Our Sustaining Members
51 Forthcoming Meetings
52 Directory


Golden Jubilee Issue

2005august-cover.jpgIn honour of the 50th anniversary of the ASBMB, an historical Golden Jubilee issue of the Australian Biochemist was published in August 2005. This commemorative issue highlights the achievements of the Society over the past 50 years in the context of the rapid advances in biochemistry and molecular biology. To access this freely available Golden Jubilee issue, click here.