New Honorary Members


Three distinguished biochemists and molecular biologists who have rendered notable service to the Society were elected as ASBMB Honorary Members at ComBio2018: Professor Peter Gunning, Associate Professor Marie Bogoyevitch and Professor Paul Attwood.

Peter Gunning Professor Peter Gunning (University of New South Wales) is best known for his discovery of key principles underlying the architecture of cells and is recognised for his services as ASBMB President, 2013–2014.
Marie Bogoyevitch Associate Professor Marie Bogoyevitch is well known for her work on signal transduction, especially the regulation of protein kinases, and is recognised for her services as ASBMB Secretary, 2007–2010, and Chair of ComBio2015.
Paul Attwood Professor Paul Attwood is known for his work on enzymology and protein histidine phosphorylation, and is recognised for his services as ASBMB Secretary, 2011–2015.
Sally Jay In addition, Sally Jay was awarded Honorary Membership in recognition of her work as Secretary for Sustaining Members, 1998–present.


Complete list of ASBMB Honorary Members.