Abi Ghifari


ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology

University of Western Australia

Abi Ghifari completed his Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) at University of Indonesia, followed by a Master of Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) with distinction from the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 2018. During this time, under the mentorship of Dr Monika Murcha, he investigated protein import-associated peptide processing pathways in plant mitochondria, leading to a publication in Biochemical Journal. He then joined the laboratory of Professor Makoto Arita at RIKEN Centre for Integrative Medical Sciences, Japan for a three-month research internship. Shortly after, he was awarded the Australian Government Research Training Program and University Postgraduate Award to pursue a doctoral degree in the same laboratory at UWA. His PhD projects focuses on functional investigation of plant mitochondrial peptidases mainly involved in peptide degradation and respiratory complex disassembly using combined techniques of protein biochemistry, proteomics, molecular biology and cell biology. Now entering his third year, his work has been published as a first-authored paper in The Plant Journal, a comprehensive review in Journal of Experimental Botany, a chapter in Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, and a second-authored paper in Plant Physiology. Abi was also a recipient of Australian Society of Plant Scientists (ASPS) Travel Award to present his research at the 2019 ASPS Conference in Melbourne. He is the treasurer of the Perth Protein Group, an ASBMB Special Interest Group for protein researchers in Western Australia.

The ASBMB Fellowship will allow Abi to present his work at the 12th International Conference for Plant Mitochondrial Biology 2022, which will be held in Malmö, Sweden.