Gabrielle Watson


Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute
Monash University

Dr Gabby Watson completed a BSc (Hons) at Otago University in New Zealand. During her Honours year, under the supervision of Professor Catherine Day, Gabby characterised novel E3 ligases using biophysical methods, and here she developed an enthusiasm for protein biochemistry.
Following this passion, Gabby was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award in 2013 to undertake a PhD at Monash University under the supervision of Associate Professor Jackie Wilce and Professor Matthew Wilce. Gabby’s research utilised structural biology to design and characterise cyclic peptides targeted to an intracellular breast cancer protein, Grb7. This resulted in six publications, many as first-author, including two in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.
In 2017, Gabby joined the laboratory of Professor Jamie Rossjohn as a postdoctoral fellow, working with Dr Richard Berry. Here, Gabby followed her interests of using structural biology to understand disease related proteins. She is currently investigating the complexities and specificities of ligand recognition by the inhibitory receptor CD96, an emerging target for cancer immunotherapy, with some of this research recently published in Structure.
Gabby has presented at many international and national conferences, which have been well received with the award of six oral and poster presentation prizes. Gabby also has a passion for communicating science to the public, having recently established a scientific exhibition for a low or no vision audience.
This ASBMB Fellowship will enable Gabby to travel to Vienna, Austria, to present her latest research at the 32nd European Crystallographic Meeting.