Rochelle Tixeira


La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science
La Trobe University

Dr Rochelle Tixeira completed her Bachelors in Biological Sciences at the University of Connecticut, USA, in 2007. Following, she pursued a career in science working at both commercial and research labs within the United States and India. Rochelle then moved to Melbourne in 2012 to pursue a Masters in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics at La Trobe University. In 2014, she received a La Trobe University Postgraduate Research Scholarship and a Full Fee Research Scholarship to undertake a PhD under the supervision of Dr Ivan Poon. During her PhD, Rochelle worked to understand the regulation and function of apoptotic cell disassembly. Her work has provided key insights on the regulation of this process and its importance in mediating efficient clearance of apoptotic cells. The significance of her work during this period was highlighted by first author publications in Nature Protocols, Apoptosis and Frontiers for Immunology, a review in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, as well as two co-authored publications and seven awards. She completed her PhD in 2018, for which she was awarded the Nancy Millis medal for outstanding PhD theses. Currently, Rochelle is working as a postdoctoral researcher with Dr Ivan Poon, where she is developing novel tools to study apoptotic cell disassembly and clearance in vivo to gain insight on linked autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.
This ASBMB Fellowship will give Rochelle an opportunity to present her findings at the 25th International Cell Death Society meeting in New York, USA, and meet potential collaborators to further develop her research.