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Current Issue: August 2020


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Table of Contents

3 Editorial Committee
4 From the President
6 ASBMB 2020 Meeting: Education Symposium and Research Symposium
9 Australian Biochemistry Lunchtime Seminar Series
10 Special Education Feature: Focus on Remote Teaching
Editorial: COVID-19 Hits Our Classes!
Student Perspectives
Apart, Yet Together: COVID-19 Chat Camaraderie
Enhancing Engagement by Building Relationships and a Sense of Community in an Online Biochemistry Course
Re-establishing a Sense of Community Online: Lessons Learnt from the Sudden Migration Online During COVID-19 Restrictions
Maintaining the Chemistry Foundations for Our Future Biochemists: Our COVID-19-driven Curriculum Transformation
Engaging Biochemistry Students through Technology, Case Studies and Individualised Assignments
From Desk to Dining Room: My Transition to Lecturing in the Time of Pandemic
Engaging the Online Biochemistry Student in Asynchronous, Flexible Learning Activities
The Challenge of Asynchronous Problem-based Learning Online
The Fast and the Curious: Taking a Capstone Unit Online in Record Time
Effectively Teaching Biochemistry Practicals via Simulations in the Absence of Face-to-face Instruction
CoVideo-19: Moving a Biochemistry Laboratory Online
All You Need are Grades. Grades are All You Need…
32 Publications with Impact
Life in the Lysosome: Using and Abusing the Host
A Complex Consortium of Complex I Construction
The First Cut is the Deepest
Flow Directs Form: a Novel Role for the Cadherin FAT4 in Shaping the Lymphatic Vasculature
Failure of a DNA-protective Clamp is the Cause of Fanconi Anaemia
Remaining FOCUSed at Home
Making Peace with Uncertainty… and Getting Your PhD Done, Too
43 Competition: COVID-19
44 Off the Beaten Track
Programming, Pythons and Policy
47 Nominations for 2021 ASBMB Awards and Medals
50 Great Expectations
Happiness in My DNA
54 Cell Architecture: an ASBMB Special Interest Group
55 Intellectual Property
What the Current Pandemic Teaches Us About the Value of an Intellectual Property System
58 Honours for ASBMB Members
59 Election of Council 2021
59 Election of 2021 ASBMB Council
60 New ASBMB Members
62 Our Sustaining Members
68 ASBMB Council
69 Directory

Golden Jubilee Issue

2005august-cover.jpgIn honour of the 50th anniversary of the ASBMB, an historical Golden Jubilee issue of the Australian Biochemist was published in August 2005. This commemorative issue highlights the achievements of the Society over the past 50 years in the context of the rapid advances in biochemistry and molecular biology.