The magazine of the ASBMB, the Australian Biochemist, keeps members up-to-date with relevant scientific and personal news in Australia and abroad.

It provides information to members on upcoming events and conferences, high impact research publications, education, Society awards and medals, news and views, competitions, member profiles, state activities, Special Interest Groups and more.

The magazine is published in April, August and December each year and is available in PDF on this webpage. See the Australian Biochemist Publication Schedule.

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Table of Contents

3   Editorial Committee
5   Publications with Impact
    Chimeric Virus Structures Reveal New Therapeutic Targets for Pathogenic Flaviviruses
    The Integration of Kinase and Phosphatase Activity Offer RNA Polymerase II a Moment of Pause; a Delicate  Balance Between the Integrator–PP2A Complex and CDK9
    Is Milk Just Nutrition or Also a Cross-species Communication Source?
    Antiandrogen Effects in a Bone Cancer Model
    Mapping Human Breast Tissue Heterogeneity During Development and Cancer
14   2021 Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation
16   ASBMB Education Symposium Report
17   ASBMB Education Feature
    Student Panel: Perspectives on Assessment and Academic Integrity at the 2021 ASBMB Education Symposium
20   2021 FAOBMB Young Scientist Programme Report
21   16th FAOBMB Congress Report
27   Off the Beaten Track
    From Protein Biochemistry to Reviewing Public Policy
    How Art Helps Bring Science Closer to Community
31   Competition: The Missing Intermediates
34   Intellectual Property
    The COVID-19 Patent Landscape
36   News from the States
40   RNA Network Australasia: an ASBMB Special Interest Group
41   FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence 2021
42   FAOBMB Young Scientist Award 2021
43   What’s New in Technology
    Long-term Protein Stability Prediction Using ‘Micro’ Changes in Secondary Structure Measured Using Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy
45   ASBMB Annual Reports
50   Our Sustaining Members
56   ASBMB Council
57   Directory



In honour of the 50th anniversary of the ASBMB, an historical Golden Jubilee issue of the Australian Biochemist was published in August 2005.

This commemorative issue highlights the achievements of the Society over the past 50 years in the context of the rapid advances in biochemistry and molecular biology.