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August 2018 Australian Biochemist Table of Contents

4 Editorial Committee
6 Publications with Impact
Shining a Light on mtDNA Escape
A Structural Snapshot of Respiratory Complex II Assembly
Folding Vector – a New Role for the Autotransporter β-barrel Domain
How Ligand Binds to the Type 1 Insulin-like Growth Factor Receptor
Fighting Fungal Infections with Membrane-busting Defensins
13 ASBMB Education Feature
Just Another Manic Monday?
Newly Developed Resources: Basic Pipette Skills – an Introduction to Micropipette Use
Are Your Students Vulnerable to Contract Cheating?
Struggles Faced by International Students in Australia
Education-related Activities at ComBio2018
18 In Memoriam: Daphne Elliott
To Tweet or not to Tweet: the Power of Social Media in Academia
21 Off the Beaten Track
From Lab Bench to Lectern: an Unwitting Journey
23 Queen’s Birthday Honours for ASBMB Members
24 New Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science
25 Forthcoming Meetings
26 Competition: Puzzlebox
27 ComBio2018 International Plenary Speaker Profiles
31 Intellectual Property
Diagnostic Patents: Health Report
34 ASBMB Award Report: Eppendorf Edman Award
35 Australia Wins 26th IUBMB Congress and 17th FAOBMB Congress Bid for 2024
36 A Meeting of Young Scientists in the Harmonious City of Seoul
37 24th IUBMB-15th FAOBMB Congress 2018
40 24th Ordinary General Assembly of the IUBMB
43 Queensland Protein Group: an ASBMB Special Interest Group
44 ASBMB Awards 2019 – Applications Now Open
46 ASBMB AGM 2018
46 ASBMB Election of Council 2019
47 Our Sustaining Members
54 ASBMB Council
55 Directory


Golden Jubilee Issue:

2005august-cover.jpgIn honour of the 50th anniversary of the ASBMB, an historical Golden Jubilee issue of the Australian Biochemist was published in August 2005. This commemorative issue highlights the achievements of the Society over the past 50 years in the context of the rapid advances in biochemistry and molecular biology. To access this freely available Golden Jubilee issue, click here.