The magazine of the ASBMB, the Australian Biochemist, keeps members up-to-date with relevant scientific and personal news in Australia and abroad. It provides information to members on upcoming events and conferences, high impact research publications, education, Society awards and medals, news and views, competitions, member profiles, state activities, Special Interest Groups and more.

The magazine is published in April, August and December each year and is available in PDF on this webpage. Publication Schedule for the Australian Biochemist.

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Australian Biochemist Archive

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Table of Contents

3 Editorial Committee
4 From the President
5 ASBMB 2020 Meeting Reports
9 Publications with Impact
Unravelling the Speciation, Trafficking, Autoinflammatory Potential of the Killer Protein, MLKL
Fluid Coupling in the Rotary Motor of Life
The Natural Function of a Multidrug Resistance Transporter
Uncovering a New Way in Which Tumours Co-opt Their Microenvironments to Promote
Disease Progression
Mutational Landscape of Gall Bladder Cancers
Structural Venomics: from Single to Double Knots and Everything in Between
19 ASBMB Education Feature
Online Lessons From Our Students – 2020 ASBMB Education Symposium
Ten Reasons to Crowdsource Exam Questions (and How to Do it Properly)
Transitioning Case-based Biochemistry Workshops to Online During COVID-19
A Beginner’s Guide to Milestone Preparation
27 Competition: Campus Visit
28 Perth Protein Group: an ASBMB Special Interest Group
29 Metabolism and Molecular Medicine: an ASBMB Special Interest Group
31 Off the Beaten Track
Follow Your Dreams, Until Something Better Comes Along
32 ASBMB Member Wins Western Australian Premier’s Science Award
34 Intellectual Property
Timing is Everything: When to Pull the Trigger on Patent Filing
37 News from the States
40 Great Expectations
It’s Not Only What You Know, It’s Who You Know – an Unplanned Career
44 ASBMB Member Named Melburnian of the Year
44 In Memoriam
46 ASBMB Annual Reports
51 Our Sustaining Members
56 ASBMB Council
57 Directory

Golden Jubilee Issue

2005august-cover.jpgIn honour of the 50th anniversary of the ASBMB, an historical Golden Jubilee issue of the Australian Biochemist was published in August 2005. This commemorative issue highlights the achievements of the Society over the past 50 years in the context of the rapid advances in biochemistry and molecular biology.