Associate Professor Maurizio Costabile

Maurizio Costabile is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Immunology Education at the University of South Australia (UniSA).

I have taught Biochemistry and Immunology for 23 years and my students are 2nd year undergraduate students enrolled in Laboratory Medicine, Medical Science, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical Science, Science and Human Movement degree programs, as well as visiting international students. My teaching approach is based on the scientific method, where I identify an issue, develop an approach, evaluate its impact on student learning and then finally modify the approach as required based on the results.

I have a keen interest in developing novel approaches to teaching my students and each year, I trial at least one new approach. One of my biggest successes has been the introduction of interactive simulations in teaching practical and lecture-based concepts. These simulations have had major impacts on student performance, yet only require approximately 15 minutes for students to complete. In addition, these simulations have been adopted by local, national and international colleagues.

The impact of my teaching has been recognised with multiple local, national and international teaching awards. I am keen to explore and develop collaborations with like-minded teaching academics. I am currently the currently Dean of Research for Education Futures at UniSA, a role where I can apply both my scientific and educational skills to enhance research. Additional details can be found at my UniSA page and I can be contacted via email at


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