Student Membership

ASBMB Student Member Information

This page offers links to resources of interest to students.

ASBMB Student Membership

ASBMB offers Student membership options:
Free first year membership.
One year membership.
Three year membership.
More details are available via the ASBMB Membership page.

ASBMB Fellowships

ASBMB Fellowships are awarded annually to early career ASBMB members. The Fellowships provide funds to assist the recipient to attend an overseas conference in a field associated with biochemistry or molecular biology or to visit briefly a research laboratory in Australia or elsewhere to access specialised equipment or to learn new research techniques. Applicants must have been members of the Society for at least 12 months before the year in which the Fellowship application is to be considered.

More details on ASBMB Awards are available via the ASBMB Awards page.

ASBMB Merit Awards

ASBMB Student members are eligible to apply for a Merit Award to cover their registration cost for the annual ASBMB or ComBio conference. Please visit  for details of how to apply for a Merit Award.

Australian Biochemist – ASBMB Magazine

ASBMB members receive the Australian Biochemist magazine three times a year. Each issue contains a Students’ Page with practical articles for young scientists on research, applying for funding, networking, career progression and more. More details are available via the ASBMB Magazine page.