Sydney Protein Group – Contacts



SPG Contacts


The SPG Committee

Dr Tara Christie
(The University of Sydney)
Dr Ben Crossett
(The University of Sydney)
Dr Alastair Stewart
(The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute)
Dr Jason Low
(The University of Sydney)


SPG Institutional Representatives

Children’s Medical Research Institute  

Dr Mark Graham

mark.graham AT

Macquarie University   currently vacant
University of NSW   Dr Till Boecking

till.boecking AT

University of Sydney  

Dr Pep Font

josep.font AT

Western Sydney University   A/Prof Liza Cubeddu

l.cubeddu AT

Dr Roland Gamsjaeger

r.gamsjaeger AT

University of Technology, Sydney  

Dr Iain Duggin

iain.duggin AT

University of Wollongong   Dr Heath Ecroyd

heathe AT

Dr Justin Yerbury

jyerbury AT

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute   Dr Carus Lau

c.lau AT

Garvan Institute of Medical Research   Dr Romain Rouet

rouet.romain AT


Contacting the SPG

To contact the SPG, phone or send an email to the secretary (Dr Jason Low, Ph 02-9351-3907, Email jason.low AT or the president (Dr Tara Christie, Ph 02-9351-2001, Email tara.christie AT Don’t forget to change the AT!