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The Sydney Protein Group is a special interest group of the ASBMB, aimed at bringing together protein scientists in the Sydney region.

Anyone wanting to be part of the SPG, and who is not already a member of the ASBMB, is encouraged to join that association. Our funding from ASBMB is based on how many ASBMB members tick the appropriate box each year when they join or renew their ASBMB membership (so remember to tick the “I participate in the SPG” box!). Note that students are entitled to one year of free membership of ASBMB if their supervisor is a member.

Joining the SPG

If you would like to be part of the SPG (and are already a member of the ASBMB), all we need is your current email address.

If you are not on the mailing list (which is used only to send notice of SPG related events and is not passed on to any other parties), or if your details have changed in the last couple of years please contact Jason Low (jason.low AT