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The Sydney Protein Group is made up of protein scientists and students from academia, hospitals and industry.

We meet regularly to hear updates from local and overseas speakers on the latest developments in protein science and related fields.

Scholarships and prizes are also provided to enable young scientists to attend key protein related meetings in Australia.

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The Sydney Protein Group seminar series

We are proud to announce the SPG seminar series. Scheduled to be held on the last Thursday of each month at 12 noon, the current series will feature EMCR speakers selected from our list of past Thompson Prize winners.

27th August: Kate Quinlan (UNSW) and Lisanne Spenkelink (UoW)

24th September: Dezerae Cox (Uni of Melb)

29th October: Arun Dass (Gri th Uni) and David Jacques (UNSW)


Summer mini symposium 2020

The Sydney Protein Group has organised an afternoon symposium featuring four local and international distinguished speakers from broad areas of protein research. This symposium has been scheduled for the afternoon of Monday the 3rd of Feb. 

We hope to see you then.

Who: Speakers include Antoine van Oijen, Marc Wilkins, Margie Sunde, Andrei Lupas

What: Summer symposium

When: Monday 3rd Feb 2020, 2-5pm, afternoon tea included

Where: Room 471, Building G08, The University of Sydney


Thompson Prize evening 2019

The annual Thompson Prize evening will take place this year on the 22nd of November, 2019. As part of this event we have invited 3 internationally renowned speakers (Ad Bax, Kevin Gardner, Rasmus Linser) who are speaking at the ANZMAG (The Australian and New Zealand Society for Magnetic Resonance) conference later in the year. This event will be hosted by Prof Joel Mackay and will start at 1 pm (until around ~4.30 pm). This event will take place at the University of Sydney (Wilkinson Lecture Theater 250, Arch LT 1). The Thompson Prize evening will be followed by an Annual General Meeting of the SPG. [Posted 14th October, 2019]


Thompson Prize call for abstracts & travel awards

If you are a student (or recent graduate), please consider applying for the annual Thompson prize (see also above)! The best talk, determined by our guest judges, will be awarded the Thompson Prize and a $600 cheque (for you to spend however you please). Details on how to apply can the fine print on eligibility can be found here.

In addition the annual SPG Lorne Travel Awards are also now open to applicants. The Awards ($600 each) are to help students and newly-minted Postdocs (within 12 months of award of PhD) attend the Lorne Protein or Proteomics conferences in 2020. There are two Travel Awards for current research students and post-docs (sponsored by ATA Scientific and ANSTO), and one Travel Award (the Greg Ralston Award) exclusively for students who have recently completed their Honours and are enrolling as PhD students. For details on how to apply, see here. All applications close on Monday the 4th of November 2019. [Posted 14th October, 2019]


East Coast Protein Meeting 2019

The biennial East Coast Protein Meeting was held at the Opal Cove Resort in Coffs Harbour organised by the Queensland Protein Group (QPG). This conference prides itself in providing an excellent opportunity for junior protein scientists to present their work; with a high ratio of oral presentations by graduate students and postdocs to traditional presentations by senior scientists. The atmosphere is generally relaxed and informal. Topics included proteomics, emerging techniques, protein structure analysis, interactions and functional studies. A flyer is still available here. [Posted 20th August, 2019]


Treasurer’s report for 2017 now available

The annual Treasurer’s report for 2017 is available here. [Posted 30th November, 2017]