Lorne Scholarships Application

The SPG offers three travelling scholarships to enable students to attend the Lorne Protein Conference or Lorne Proteomics Conference (see Note 1). Two of these scholarships are open to all current research students undertaking a PhD/Masters (or students who have received notification of having successfully completed a PhD or Masters within the last twelve months) and are sponsored by ATA Scientific. The third, the Greg Ralston Memorial Award, sponsored by the SPG, is open only to students who completed their honours (or equivalent, such as e.g., MRes) year in the announced year and are enrolling as a PhD student in the year after. All students who apply for the Greg Ralston Award are also automatically considered for the open awards. All applicants must be members of the SPG.

Students who have previously been awarded an open fellowship will not normally be eligible for a further award. However, students who have received the Greg Ralston Award in previous years are eligible for the open awards.

Students must be present at the Thomson Prize Night at the announced date when the awards will be announced, in order to be eligible for any of the awards. Cheques/bank transfers will be presented to winners at the Lorne Protein Conference the following February.

Please note that as per SPG’s recent policy change, we strongly encourage applicants to be current ASBMB members; ASBMB members will be preferentially chosen for the Thompson Prize speaking slots and Travel Awards. Remember, 1st year HDR students whose supervisor is a current ASBMB member get a year free ASBMB membership (see https://www.asbmb.org.au/membership)! towards ASBMB members.  It is noteworthy that student memberships are only $44 per year, while our awards are typically several fold higher in value.

Note 1:  Please consult Jason Low (sydneyproteingroup@gmail.com) if you wish to use this prize to attend a conference other than the Lorne Protein or Proteomics conference.

Applicants should submit in a single pdf or rtf document to sydneyproteingroup@gmail.com:

  • a short letter of application (up to 300 words) giving the reasons why they should be granted one of these fellowships
  • their submitted Lorne Abstract, and
  • a 1–2 page CV

  • In addition, your supervisor must confirm your status as an enrolled/enrolling PhD student by email to sydneyproteingroup@gmail.com.

    Applications for 2023 close on: 31th October, 2023

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