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April 2016 download

  • Supervisor Types – Which One is Your Match? Tatiana Soares da Costa

December 2015 download

  • PhD Myth Busters Tatiana Soares da Costa

August 2015 download

  • Against the Grain – Clinical Research and the Business of Science Donia Moujalled and Michael Bake

April 2015 download

  • How to Survive Your PhD Catherine Palmer and Aaron McGrath

December 2014 download

  • A Fork in the Road – Alternate Pathways Post-PhD John Chow and David Jacques

August 2014 download

  • Pursuing a Career in Science with Kids Amy Baxter, Catherine Palmer and Aaron McGrath

April 2014 download

  • How to Improve your Curriculum Vitae for Future Employment or Fellowship Applications Catherine Palmer and Aaron McGrath

December 2013 download

  • Interviewing for a Postdoctoral Position Casina Kan and Mugdha Bhati

August 2013 download

  • Chronicles of a PhD Grad Mitchell O’Connell and Andrew Clarke

April 2013 download

  • The Post-PhD Plan Casina Kan and Mugdha Bhati

December 2012 download

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? Tim Larkin and Emily Colvin

August 2012 download

  • Across the Ditch: My Journey from PhD to Postdoc Julia Archbold

April 2012 download

  • Where are they now? Part 1 Lance Brooker and Lauren Wright

August 2011 download

  • A day in the life of a science Writer Marian Turner

April 2011 download

  • Fellowship funding opportunities for 2012

December 2010 download

  • How to write a ‘winning’ fellowship application Julie Mercer

August 2010 download

  • Show me the money! Funding opportunities for Australians to work as overseas postdocs Emma van der Westhuizen

April 2010 download

  • Fellowship funding opportunities for 2011

December 2009 download

  • From postgrad to postdoc: planning for a positive postdoctoral experience Diana Stojanovski

August 2009 download

  • Getting the most out of your PhD Chaille Webb

April 2009 download

  • Professional networking Agnieszka Lichanska

December 2008 download

  • Getting the best out of scientific conferences Ray Norton

August 2008 download

  • Ten rules of thumb for the presentation and interpretation of data in scientific publications David Vaux

April 2008 download

  • The Student Lunch at Lorne Robyn Mansfield
  • Money money money! Scholarship and fellowship information for PhD students

December 2007 download

  • Post-PhD careers – segues in science
    Part 2. Alternative careers Hilary Hoare
  • Monash postgraduate research conference Hilary Hoare

August 2007 download

  • Smart science in the sunshine state Julia Archbold
  • Post-PhD careers – segues in science
    Part 1. Postdoctorates: things to consider Hilary Hoare

April 2007 download

Post-PhD opportunities – where fellowships can take you

  • ‘Soft’ money – life on a rollercoaster Samantha Richardson
  • From the German President to Queen Elizabeth II Kaye Truscott

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