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The Society aims to advance Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Australia, facilitating research and education, and interfacing with business and the community. Biochemistry and molecular biology represent the study of the structures and processes that form the foundation for all living matter. They draw on techniques from biology, chemistry and physics, providing a key interface between these fields. Biochemists and molecular biologists investigate all forms of life, such as viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, plants and animals. Much of this research examines life at the cellular and subcellular level.

The field is progressing at a breathtaking rate. In 1953, the double-helical structure of DNA (the storage molecule for inherited biological information) was discovered. Only 50 years later, the complete human genetic sequence was determined and the significance of the entire code in terms of cell and tissue function is now being uncovered. For example, we have learnt many new details about genes involved in human disease, providing important insights that lead to the development of treatments and cures. The possibilities of discovery in the field continue to expand.

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