Scientific Meetings

The following meetings have been held as part of the Australian Biochemical Society and the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)

1956University of Sydney, Sydney24-27 May1
1957University of Melbourne, Melbourne5-8 June2
1958University of Adelaide, Adelaide
18-20 August3
1959University of Western Australia, Perth
20-22 August4
1960Australian National University, Canberra
13-15 January5
1961University of Queensland, Brisbane
24-26 May6
1962University of Sydney, Sydney
17-20 August7
1963University of Melbourne, Melbourne
23-25 May8
1964Australian National University, Canberra
17-20 January9
1965University of Adelaide, Adelaide
20-23 January10
1965Monash University, Melbourne
24-27 August11
1966University of Queensland, Brisbane
23-26 May12
1967University of Sydney, Sydney
22-25 May13
1968Australian National University, Canberra
20-23 May14
1969University of Adelaide, Adelaide
19-22 May15
1970University of Melbourne, Melbourne
18-21 May16
1971University of Queensland, Brisbane
17-20 May17
1972University of Sydney, Sydney, with International Meeting on the “Biochemistry of Gene Expression in Higher Organisms”
15-19 May18
1973Australian National University, Canberra
21-24 May19
1974University of Adelaide, Adelaide
27-30 May20
1975La Trobe University, Melbourne
12-15 May21
1976University of New England, Armidale
11-14 May22
1977University of Queensland, Brisbane
17-20 May23
1978University of New South Wales, Sydney
16-19 May24
1979Australian National University, Canberra
15-18 May25
1980Monash University, Melbourne
13-16 May26
1981University of Adelaide, Adelaide
12-15 May27
1982University of Western Australia, Perth, with 12th International Congress of Biochemistry
15-21 August28
1983Griffith University, Brisbane
17-20 May29
1984University of Sydney, Sydney
15-18 May30
1985Australian National University, Canberra
14-17 May31
1986University of Melbourne, Melbourne
13-16 May32
1987University of Western Australia, Perth
11-14 May33
1988Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide
17-20 May34
1989Conrad International Hotel and Convention Centre, Gold Coast
25-28 September35
1990University of New South Wales, Sydney
25-28 September36
1991National Convention Centre, Canberra
8-11 July37
1992World Congress Centre, Melbourne
28 September - 1 October            38
1993Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide
5-8 July39
1994Conrad Jupiters, Gold Coast
26-29 September40
1995Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Sydney, with 7th FAOBMB Congress
24-29 September41
1996National Convention Centre, Canberra
29 September - 2 October42
1997Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne
29 September - 2 October
1998Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide
28 September - 1 October
1999First ComBio-Conrad Jupiters, Gold Coast
27-30 September45
2000Wellington Festival and Convention Centre, New Zealand
11-14 December46
2001National Convention Centre, Canberra
30 September - 4 October47
2002Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Sydney
29 September - 3 October
2003Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne
28 September - 2 October
2004Intercontinental Burswood Resort, Perth
26-30 September
2005Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide
25-29 September51
2006Brisbane Convention Centre, Brisbane
24-28 September52
2007Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney
22-26 September53
2008National Convention Centre, Canberra
21 - 25 September54
2009Christchurch Convention Centre, New Zealand
6-10 December55
2010Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne
26 September - 1 October
2011Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns
25-29 September
2012Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide
23-27 September58
2013Perth Convention Centre, Perth
29 September - 3 October
2014National Convention Centre, Canberra
28 September - 2 October
2015Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne
27 September - 1 October
2016Brisbane Convention Centre, Brisbane
3-7 October62
2017Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide
2-5 October63
2018International Convention Centre, Sydney
23-26 September64
2019Fremantle Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle
1-3 October65
2020Online via Zoom
29-30 September66
2021Hosted online from Christchurch, New Zealand, with 16th FAOBMB Congress
22-25 November67
2022Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne
27-30 September68
2023Australian National University, Canberra15-17 November69

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