The Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists (FAOBMB) is the primary regional association in the area of biochemistry and molecular biology. Its focus is to promote and develop of this area of science and technology in Asia and Oceania. The ASBMB is a Constituent Member of the FAOBMB. FAOBMB offers several awards and members of the ASBMB are eligible to apply for these awards.

The FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence is awarded annually to a distinguished biochemist or molecular biologist, based on work carried out predominantly within the FAOBMB region. The work should reflect excellence of scientific contributions to the field and sustained research productivity. More information

The FAOBMB Education Award is given triennially to a biochemist or molecular biologist, in recognition of outstanding contributions to education in biochemistry or molecular biology in the FAOBMB region, with a special focus on innovation and productive outcomes in education. More information

The FAOBMB Entrepreneurship Award is given triennially to a biochemist or molecular biologist, in recognition of outstanding achievement in entrepreneurship in biochemistry or molecular biology, especially innovation and creativity in research or technology, and their translation to broader aspects. More information

The FAOBMB Young Scientist Award is awarded in the year in which an FAOBMB Congress is held. More information

Australian Winners of FAOBMB Awards

FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence
2012 – Michael Parker
2013 – Sharad Kumar
2014 – Alan Cowman
2015 – David Craik
2017 – Jamie Rossjohn
2021 – Ricky Johnstone

FAOBMB Education Award
2013 – Janet Macaulay
2022 – Nirma Samarawickrema

FAOBMB Entrepreneurship Award
2014 – Anthony Weiss

FAOBMB Young Scientist Award
2009 – Travis Beddoe
2012 – Jade Forwood
2015 – Urmi Dhagat
2015 – Victor Anggono
2018 – Tatiana Soares da Costa
2021 – Stanley Cheng Xie

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