Prof. Jamie Rossjohn, FRS, NHMRC Investigator Fellow, is seeking research fellows to join the research group at Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Clayton campus, Melbourne, Australia. The selected candidates will work in the field of T cell recognition specifically working on gamma delta T cells.

The Rossjohn Laboratory, as part of a broad collaborative network that includes lead national and international researchers, has provided profound insight into T-cell immunology, specifically defining the basis of key immune recognition events by T-cells. The laboratory has notably pioneered our understanding of lipid-based immunity by the innate Natural Killer T-cells (NKT) and the role of MAIT cells in recognizing vitamin B metabolites.

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Applicants should hold a PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology or Immunology with an interest in T cell recognition, Protein Chemistry, Crystallography or Immune Cell Biology. Experience in a number of the following areas would be an advantage:
1) Molecular Biology: site-directed mutagenesis
2) Protein Biochemistry- production, purification and analysis: E. coli, yeast, insect cells and/or mammalian expression systems (including cell culture techniques), chromatography, crystallography, proteomics
3) Cellular Immunology: tissue culture and flow cytometry;
4) Technologies: SPR, SAXS, Cryo-EM

Candidates with a promising track record in the relevant areas and a proven publication record in international journals are encouraged to apply.

Appointment will be made at a level appropriate to the successful applicant’s qualifications, experience and in accordance with classification standards for Level A.

Salary range:  Level A $94,970 -$101,944 (plus 17% superannuation)

Duration:   1 year in the first instance  

Location: Clayton Campus

Please direct all enquiries to Jennifer Huynh:

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