Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) is an award-winning state-of-the-art medical research facility, with over 100 full-time scientists dedicated to researching the genes and proteins important for health and human development. CMRI is supported in part by its key fundraiser Jeans for Genes®. Our scientists are internationally recognised research leaders and foster excellence in postgraduate training.  CMRI is located at Westmead, a major hub for research and medicine in NSW, and is affiliated with the University of Sydney.

Successful applicants will be awarded a Research Award, consisting of a generous top-up over the value of a university Research Training Program (RTP) scholarship, for 4 years. Successful applicants will also be expected to apply for external scholarships with support from CMRI research leaders.

Projects are multidisciplinary with training in molecular and cellular biology techniques, with some involving mass spectrometry, proteomics, bioinformatics, transgenic animals or live cell imaging.

Areas of CMRI research strength
- Developmental biology and genetic disease
- Gene therapy
- Neuroscience
- Cancer

Contact supervisors directly for more details of projects.

Eligibility requirements
Applicants must hold:
- a relevant Bachelor’s degree with first or second class Honours, OR
- a research Master’s degree, OR
- at least 6 months of supervised research training
- Applicants must be available to start a full-time PhD at CMRI within 6 months.
- International students are eligible to apply, but the CMRI award does not cover university tuition fees. For students currently outside Australia, commencement of the PhD will also be delayed until Australia’s international borders reopen.

Applications are accepted all year. Applications will be reviewed three times a year: 31 January, 30 May and 30 September.

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